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If you have limited time in Fes, a 1 day trip from Fes Morocco excursion allows you to maximize your sightseeing opportunities. You can cover multiple attractions in a single day, making the most of your visit. Fes, Morocco, offers a range of captivating Morocco Fes Day Tours to explore its surroundings. Begin by immersing yourself in the ancient Fes Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its winding streets, historical landmarks, and vibrant markets.

Venture to the nearby ruins of Volubilis to witness the well-preserved Roman remains, and pay a visit to the holy town of Moulay Idriss. For a change of scenery, take a Morocco Fes Day Tours to the mesmerizing blue-washed city of Chefchaouen, nestled in the Rif Mountains. Alternatively, discover the natural beauty of the Middle Atlas Mountains, where you can encounter Berber villages and cedar forests.

These day trip from Fes in Morocco excursion offer a diverse range of cultural, historical, and natural experiences, allowing visitors to delve into the rich tapestry of Morocco’s offerings.

Top Morocco Fes Day Tours & Excursion Trips from Fes:

When it comes to day tours in Morocco from Fes, several popular options offer unique experiences. Here are some of the top choices:

  • Fes Medina City Tour: Explore with a local guide the captivating Fes Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, on a guided tour. Immerse yourself in the labyrinthine streets, visit historical landmarks, and witness traditional crafts and bustling markets.
  • Volubilis and Moulay Idriss Day Trip: Tour the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis and explore the archaeological site. Continue to Moulay Idriss, one of Morocco’s holiest towns.
  • Chefchaouen Blue City Day Trip: Escape to the picturesque “Blue City”, located in the Rif Mountains. Explore the enchanting blue-painted streets, visit the Kasbah Museum, and experience the laid-back ambiance of this charming town.
  • Middle Atlas and Cedar Forest Day Trip: Venture into the Middle Atlas Mountains, where you can enjoy breathtaking natural scenery. Discover Ifrane, often referred to as “Little Switzerland” due to its European-style architecture.
  • Explore the cedar forests of Azrou, encounter friendly Barbary macaque monkeys, and appreciate the serene beauty of the mountains.

These top day in Morocco tours and excursions from Fes offer a variety of experiences, from historical and cultural exploration to natural beauty and desert adventures. Choose the ones that align with your interests and make the most of your time in Morocco from Fes.

Overview: Chefchaouen Blue City Day Trip: Escape to the picturesque “Blue City”, explore the enchanting blue-painted streets, visit the Kasbah Museum, and experience the laid-back ambiance of this charming town.

From 60€

Overview: During our Best 1 Morocco Day Trip from Fes to Meknes and Volubilis, explore the rich history and archaeological wonders of Morocco. From Fes Day Tour to Meknes via Volubilis Morocco Day Excursion.

From 50€

Why Morocco Fes Day Tours & Trip Excursions?

Morocco Fes day tours are highly recommended for several reasons:

  • Rich Cultural Heritage: Fes, known as the cultural capital of Morocco, boasts a rich history and heritage. Day tours allow you to explore the city’s historic sites, such as the Fes Medina, with its intricate architecture, ancient mosques, and traditional markets.
  • Diverse Landscapes: Morocco is blessed with diverse landscapes, and Fes serves as an excellent base to explore them. Day trips from Fes take you to stunning destinations such as the Atlas Mountains, where you can enjoy breathtaking scenery, visit traditional Berber villages, and experience the hospitality of the locals.
  • Unique Experiences: Morocco Fes day tours offer unique experiences that allow you to go beyond the typical tourist attractions. Whether it’s exploring the blue-washed streets of Chefchaouen, or wandering through ancient Roman ruins in Volubilis.
  • Local Insight and Guided Expertise: Taking a day tour from Fes ensures that you benefit from local insight and expert guidance. Professional guides provide historical and cultural context, share interesting stories, and help navigate the destinations.
  • Convenience and Time Efficiency:  1 day trip from Fes Morocco excursion is convenient and time-efficient. They eliminate the hassle of planning transportation, navigating unfamiliar roads, and finding the best attractions. 
  • Morocco Fes day tours offer a blend of culture, history, natural beauty, and local experiences.


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March 2017
这是我们第一次来摩洛哥,自从摩洛哥对中国游客实行免签政策以来就有大批的中国人到这个国家旅游。迄今为止我们都在亚洲范围内旅游,第一次去非洲,当然要好好计划一下。我们事先在很多旅行网站上查找关于摩洛哥旅行团的指南,发现旅行团的质量参差不齐,有价格较高的私人团,也有价格实惠的多人团。对于去国外旅行的人来说,猫途鹰是一个很好的参考,我们也恰好看到了这家评分颇高的旅行社。他们提供许多不同路线的行程,由于是私人团,价格自然也比较昂贵,基本是多人团一个团的总价。但这3天的旅程的确物超所值,总体来说,我们对这次行程非常的满意。司机和导游Saleh都是非常善良友好的人,对于途中的景点会有详细的讲解。两个人的服务非常的细致体贴,时刻都保持着发自内心的微笑,让人感觉像和朋友一起旅行一样。他们热爱自己的文化,也尊重其他国家的文化,彼此之间的交流非常愉快。这里必须要赞扬一下司机的开车技术,简直太棒了,手动献上自己的膝盖(o^^o)。导游Saleh Anaam风趣幽默,英语讲的非常好,对本土文化很了解。还有他们的车载音乐,品味超赞.
September 2019
Enrique Parker from France
Nous avons passé un bon moment lors d'une excursion de 5 jours au départ de Fès, Merzouga et Marrakech. Notre guide Saleh était fantastique et nous avons eu l'occasion de visiter les endroits les plus incroyables du Maroc en toute sécurité et confort. Je recommande totalement Lovely Morocco Tours ils ont beaucoup d'options d'hébergement, de visites, de voitures confortables et propres et un excellent service ! Je recommande Lovely Morocco Tours Company
January 2023
Sarah from Quebec
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My son and I just came back from a 9-day trip to Morocco from Tangier. What an amazing, beautiful, vibrant, and colorful country Morocco is! It was our second trip to Morocco, and we wanted to catch up with the highlights of the country’s nature, culture, and beauty. Thank you, Saleh, you helped us to achieve it. Saleh was very patient and accommodating to our requests. The hotel's accommodations and the food were outstanding. Thank you again. Our driver Saleh was amazing. You can’t ask for a better companion on your trip. He always went out of his way to make sure that we were comfortable, safe, and happy. Thank you, Ibrahim and Saleh, for all the efforts that you have made to make our trip interesting, comfortable, pleasant, enjoyable, and relaxing. I would highly recommend Lovely Morocco Tours services to anybody who would like to visit Morocco. Shokran Thank you Saleh!!
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