Camel Trekking Merzouga

camel trekking merzouga is definitely one of the amazing the sahara desert tours you can ever experience, it allows you to live the real atmosphere of the Sahara desert.
Camel trek in Morocco:
Camel rides in Morocco are an amazing way to see the country and its people. The camels are gentle and docile, making for a safe and fun experience.

The Best Time To Go Is Springtime til May.

If you are looking to go on camel tours in Morocco, spring time is the ideal season. This is because the weather is warm enough to enjoy the desert outdoors without being too hot, yet not so cold as to make your sahara traveling uncomfortable.

Don’t Forget To Bring Water And Sunscreen.

Be Prepared For Hot Days.


Have Fun!

If you’re looking for an adventure, then consider taking a  sahara camel ride in Morocco. You will see the sights of the Morocco Sahara Desert while riding on a camel.

Morocco Camel rides in the Sahara Desert will offer you an insight into the lifestyle of the camel caravans that used to travel on centuries-old routes seeking cool oases, springs of water, and dealing in salt and spices.

Morocco Camel Trekking Merzouga Overview :

Overnight camel trek in Merzouga desert is a great experience. It is a “must do” activity in the desert! We recommend you stay at least 1 night in the desert and sleep at sahara desert camp.

This overnight excursion launches about two hours before the sun goes down. Morocco camel ride takes you deep into the desert. As you are being led on a camel through the great orange sea of the sand dunes, you will stop (occasionally halfway) for the mesmerizing view of the sunset. Indeed, this will be an opportunity to find out how people used to your morocco desert travel over the Sahara desert.

Upon arrival at the Merzouga desert camp, you will be welcomed with a cup of mint tea and then you can go around and enjoy the quietness of the desert. After dinner, there will be a drum show performed by the staff at the morocco desert camp this Berber music will make our night special. Furthermore, you will be well-placed to enjoy the stars, shooting stars and the milky-way.

Wake up early morning for a memorable sunrise the following day, then have breakfast and ride your camelback.


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 If the itineraries that we offer do not match what you’re looking for, contact us and we will prepare the sahara desert trip to your needs and requirements.

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