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Sahara Desert Activities Information :

“I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, and hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams…”  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the Little Prince

Merzouga golden dunes gives a legend image of a great desert in the world, the sandy dunes of this seemingly timeless vault have deep troughs and reach splendid peaks of some 250m. Sahara desert sand dunes are usually formed in two ways. They are formed when the wind blows the sand into a pile or a dune. Other way is when the water pushes the sand into a ridge.

A camel trekking in the Sahara desert dunes will make you so excited for experiencing the old caravans in the past years that used to travel back to many centuries-old routes seeking cool and great oases, springs of water and dealing in salt and spice…
Nothing compares with enjoying a night underneath the desert starry sky in the middle of the dunes. Stars gaze the bright night in the fresh air and live the great experience in the desert nomadic people with listening to some splendid Berbers stories under a great starry sky …

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Morocco Quad Bike & Buggy in Merzouga Sahara Desert

Quad biking & Buggy experiences, funny Merzouga desert safaris by Buggy or Quad Bike, Erg Chebbi dunes, get an ATV quad or Buggy journey of a lifetime and enjoy an amazing adventure in the deep of the great desert in the whole world; Sahara desert.

Itinerary Program

Merzouga is an optimal destination for experiencing quads and buggies driving in the Sahara desert. Whether you are a beginner or experienced driver, come try this unique adventure with professional’s guides.

Merzouga Quad biking and Buggy experiences are so amazing and funny in activities in Merzouga desert. Get in touch with us for the quad or Buggy journey for a great experience of a lifetime and enjoy a special adventure of life in Sahara desert golden dunes by Quads. 

Come along and enjoy the new & exhilarating way to explore Merzouga desert dunes by Quads or Buggies. Ride your quad and starts your adventure by discovering: contrasting scenery, old building, oases, exceptional beauty spots, and high sand dunes with an altitude of 250m, traditional Berber houses, ancient ruins and old Kasbahs. 

Explore & learn many historical and famous sites, see how a nomad lives in the middle of desert, by our friendly crew and professional local guides.


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4X4 Day Trip in Merzouga Desert

The 4×4 safaris in Merzouga Sahara desert golden dunes give you the opportunity to discover and experiencing the surrounding desert by visiting the villages and fossil Carrier. You will make a circuit in Morocco desert dunes where you will have the opportunity to see how the Nomads live and the amazing changing contrasts of the desert. 

In Hassi Labied you will have the first stop at the garden where you will view canal irrigation system with experiencing the nomadic oasis, our next visit will be in Tissardmine, an area where the Dakar passed at the time that passed via Moroccan soil, and we will be able to meet some nomadic families and take break for Berber mint tea, then visit the mines of the kohl (Mifis). 

we will finish the route in a place where we will taste food from the gastronomic tradition of nomads, then visit village of Khamlia where we will have free for lunch “Berber Pizza” this village inhabited by descendants of Africans slaves and through their Gnaoua music and songs they tell stories of their past. 

After lunch, you will have the chance to see Sahrij Lake that forms in spring time which attracts flock of pink flamingos also wildlife; Bird-watchers will revel this peaceful area. That’s will the last visit and our services too. Then you will drive back to your hotel or the place where we have picked up you.


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Sandboarding In The Sahara Desert

Have you ever thought of trying sand boarding on the Moroccan golden sand dunes before??

Sand-boarding in Morocco desert is a shingle sport that comprises riding across or down desert dunes while standing with both feet tied to the board.

Sand boarding in the desert can be a great fun way to explore Morocco desert dunes. You can surf down the massive up to 252 high dunes. Sand boarding is a unique experience that can be enjoyed by people of different   ages. Skiing are permitted anywhere on the dune field away from vegetated areas. Sleds or sand boards can be rented or purchased at various Bazaars in Merzouga desert.

Excursion from Erfoud to Merzouga desert

MOROCCO AUTHENTIC TRIPS offer you an excursion from Erfoud to Merzouga sand dunes for the mesmerizing view of either sunset or sunrise. Experience a camel trek over the Sahara desert golden dunes.

Itinerary Program

This journey with Authentic Morocco Trips crew is destined especially for travellers who accommodate in Arfoud and who seek out the extreme Sahara desert and the ‘must-see’ spectacular view of sunset. Certainly, it is a popular activity which for decades the visitors have found adorable. 

The escapade is done by 4WD vehicles and allows enjoying an off-road driving experience. The objective of this half-day journey is to view the breathtaking scenery of sunset over the Sahara desert golden dunes. 

However, it starts after midday from Arfoud towards the Erg Chebbi sand dunes (the highest and the largest in Morocco). There, you can mount camels for about an hour over the golden desert dunes.

After we have finished the tour, we will drive back to Arfoud.

We are also arranging excursions for the view of sunrise and they begin at dawn.

Pick-up time

03:00 for sunrise trip and 15:00 for sunset tour.

What makes us different?

Authentic Morocco tours, no more people share the comfortable vehicle with you.

Hand-picked, you don’t need to worry about meeting point just send us your accommodation details and we will come to pick-up you.

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